The video shows the settling process of the snow cover after 3 days of snowfall. The experiment was made in Eisenerz (Styria) as described in the post from 30th of January.


(click on the picture to download full video)


Project partners of the NH-WF project meet on the first half year meeting. The meeting was held in the beautiful surroundings of our pilot area – Zelenica. Few guests from different institutions joined us and shared their knowledge with us.

The second day was dedicated to the fieldwork. We climbed Stol, where we looked for the location of the meteo station.

The meeting was successful, and also the weather was perfect so we could also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Zelenica Valley.



The first serious project partner meeting is coming.

We will meet on Wednesday the 7th March 2012 in our pilot area
(Zelenica) and join technical part of the meeting with field work observations
on Thursday.

Hopefully the weather will serve us well!

Dear partners, see you soon!






Agenda of the meeting:

NH-WF 1. Meeting, 7.–8. March 2012, MEC Zelenica

MARCH 2012:

11.00 Meeting on parking place near border crossing Ljubelj/Loibl tunnel

11.15–12.30 Ascent to Zelenica Mountain hut (1536 m)

13.00–13.15 Welcome and keynote address

13.15 Lunch

14.00–14.20 1. Presentation/GIAM, Blaž Komac: Hazard maps as a tool for spatial planning

14.20–14.40 2. Presentation/UNI Graz, Gerhard Lieb: Vulnerability maps

14.40–15.00 3. Presentation/IJS Ljubljana, Polona Vreča: Isotopic composition of snowpack and its influence on water cycle

15.00 Coffee break

15.30–17.30 field trip to the nearby appropriate location for snow  pit observations, avalanche danger test and snow sampling for isotopic analysis;

17.40–18.00 4. Presentation/ZAMG, Arnold Studeregger: INCA model – basics and its application for avalanche warnings/analysis/prognostics

18.20–18.40 5. Presentation/GIS, Vasja Bric: Lidar acquisition in Slovene test area

18.40–19.00 6. Presentation/GIAM, Jaka Ortar: Frost hollows in Slovenia and their snow cover specifics

19.00 Dinner

20.00–22.00 NH-WF project discussion (ZAMG): financial matters (ISSAR), web page development, action plan …


7.00 Breakfast

7.30–13.30 Ascent to Stol/Hochstuhl (2236 m) or Palec/Selenitza (2026 m)

13.30 Lunch

14.15–15.00 Final session and report

15.00–16.00 Descent to Ljubelj/Loibl pass

16.00 Partner`s farewell


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