Joachim Heierli from the University of Karlsruhe suggested a new way of the crack propagation inside the snow cover. Within this project we aim to measure the crack propagation with accelaration measurement devices and results are meant to validate and adjust this Anticrack model.

Further measurments will show the sintering process of the snow, therefore a camera makes pictures of a snowprofile to track the settling of the snowcover. Because of sparse snow in the Karawanks, these measurements were performed from 15th to 18th of January in Eisenerz (Styria). The north-westerly weather situation of the last weeks caused a snow pack of up to 2 m in the Northern Alps, which were perfect snow conditions for sintering and crack propagation measurements.

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Small group from ZAMG and GIAM took advantage of good weather conditions for a common fieldwork in Zelenica area. The weather was just perfect. It was sunny and cold day with temperatures below zero most of the time. In some exposed sites it was windy.

The main plan was to ascent to the Zelenica hut, where we checked the location for meteo station. Then we continued our journey to Šija pass, but due to the poor snow conditions didn’t proceed the ascent to Stol/Hochstuhl, where we wanted to check the possible location for a new meteo station. So we decided to decent to the valley of Zelenica, where we made a snow profile. We checked all the layers, the grain structure, the hardness, temperature and other useful information we can use in avalanche bulletin. We also assessed the snow stability with few different methods.

We concluded the day with a ski decent to the Ljubelj valley.

photo: Miha Pavšek

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On Saturday the 14th January 2012 Tržič Mountain
Rescue Service organized a one day avalanche course in the Zelenica valley. The
course was very well attended – there were 38 students mostly from nearby municipalities,
but also from other part of Slovenia, and also few students from Croatia.

The topics were diverse and they offered the students
a quick insight into dynamics of winter mountaineering, from theoretical knowledge
to practical demonstration on the field.

The course was implemented with joined forces of Tržič
Mountain Rescue Service
, Anton Melik Geographical Institute ZRC SAZU and GUC
(Zelenica Mountain Education Centre).

more on: GRS Tržič

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